Namibia Qualifications Authority urges accreditation for educational institutions

Harmoni Beukes

The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) is calling upon all education and training providers within the nation to prioritise accreditation for their institutions and qualifications.

Harmoni Beukes, acting Chief Executive Officer, said that accreditation serves as an official recognition by the NQA that an institution adheres to established standards and possesses the necessary capabilities to deliver high-quality educational programmes.

“As mandated by the Namibia Qualifications Authority Act (Act 29 of 1996), the NQA holds the sole authority for accrediting educational entities in Namibia,” Beukes said.

“It’s crucial to distinguish this process from the registration of higher learning institutions, which falls under the jurisdiction of separate authorities within the higher education landscape,” she added.

Beukes said that NQA accreditation signifies that an institution has demonstrably met established benchmarks and this entails verification of their ability to effectively deliver courses, rigorously assess student performance and ultimately certify the competencies acquired by students.

“Accreditation is mandatory for all training providers in Namibia offering courses that culminate in recognised qualifications,” Beukes said.

Institutions seeking accreditation can acquire application forms from the NQA offices or download them directly from the NQA website:

The application process necessitates the submission of the completed form alongside supporting documentation and a self-evaluation that demonstrates the institution’s adherence to established accreditation criteria.

The processing timeframe for an application typically ranges from three to six months, contingent upon the completeness of the information provided by the applicant and prevailing circumstances. It’s important to note that accreditation is subject to associated fees:

  • New Application: N$5 000,00
  • Expansion of scope: N$2 000,00
  • Re-accreditation: N$1 000,00
  • Annual Fee (based on student enrollment): Varies

“Opting for an accredited institution offers numerous advantages. Accreditation fosters public confidence, assuring students that their investment of time and financial resources translates into a reputable education,” Beukes said.

Beukes added that by choosing an accredited institution, students minimise the risk of wasted resources and gain the assurance of receiving a valuable education that equips them with in-demand skills.

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