Namibia Has 99 Problems But Homosexuality Should Not Be One

The uproar over homosexuality raises a crucial question: What are our priorities as Namibians? 

Should we focus on controlling the sex lives of a few individuals, or should we channel that energy into pressing social issues and fundamental rights?

Namibia currently faces a string of national problems such as a sluggish economy, hunger, poverty, high unemployment and rampant corruption. 

Where are the so-called ‘moral guardians’ when corruption is reported?  Are they silent because they also benefit from self-enrichment schemes? 

Where is the outrage over domestic violence, or the sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children? Should these evils not be rooted out of our society?

Where is the support from churches and politicians when Namibians protest against joblessness?

Where are the voices demanding accountability when the police overstep the mark?

Where is the concern about poverty? Or homelessness? Or joblessness.

Where is our collective and individual humanity? Where is our inclusiveness? Where is our sense of justice? Where is our ubuntu?

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