You Have Been Warned

Does the anti-homosexual crowd now understand why people should be left to choose who they love without government and public interference?

The ministry of home affairs is pushing a new law that will regulate how, when and even who people can marry.

Home affairs deputy minister Daniel Kashikola said soon couples intending to marry will be required to make public notices to allow for formal objections.

Any objection will lead to a delay of the wedding. With no objection, the couple has 90 days within which to tie the knot or they have to start afresh.

The government claims to want to protect people from getting into fraudulent marriages, which politician Elma Dienda calls “evil marriages”, or to marry for “wrong reasons”. It’s not clear what their litmus test is.

What is clear though, is that politicians seem to have gotten a taste for wanting to use their power to regulate people’s bedroom affairs.

Namibians should wake up to the reality of ensuring that basic human rights should apply to all. Autocrats tend to start with the minority. Eventually they aim for everyone and everything.

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