Seibeb quits LPM

Henny Seibeb

Two Landless People’s Movement (LPM) members of parliament, Henny Seibeb and Edson Isaaks, on Tuesday resigned as members of the party and the National Assembly.

Seibeb, who was the LPM’s deputy president, provided The Namibian with the written letters of resignation.

Isaaks was the LPM’s secretary general, but was removed from this position in 2021 following allegations that he and a group of school principals plotted to remove the party president from his position.

The Namibian reported in March this year that LPM president Bernadus Swartbooi and Seibeb, have allegedly not been on speaking terms for over eight months.

This raised concerns about the party’s unity ahead of the national election in November.

Swartbooi and Seibeb founded the LPM in 2017 as a movement and registered it as a political party advocating social justice and equality for all on 8 February 2019.

The party won 10 seats in the parliament – four in the National Assembly and six on the National Council.

However, the two leaders have now fallen out of favour with each other, with some party insiders claiming the LPM has turned into “a hotbed of gossip” and factions.

In November last year, Swartbooi and Seibeb appeared to be united when they hosted a joint press conference in Windhoek.

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