Mr Makoya breaks silence on second wedding

Photo: Straus Lunyangwe Facebook

Performer and former Matongo Family member Strauss Lunyangwe, also known as Mr Makoya, says embracing love should be a constant part of each individual’s journey.

Mr Makoya recently tied the knot for the second time, after first marrying in 2019.

Speaking to recently, Mr Makoya said he and his wife, Natasha Gawanas, have come a long way, with a history spanning over 16 years.

The pair have their first two children together (a boy and a girl).

The happy couple exchanged vows on 14 April at Okahandja.

“Love still exists out there. Don’t shy away from it. It’s never an easy road but in the end, it’s a journey worth taking and embracing with a life partner,” he said.

Mr Makoya said his first marriage did not work out. For the sake of maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship, which he says they are doing well at the moment, the former couple decided to go their separate ways.

“You learn something new every day because you can’t say you know everything. But most importantly, marry for the right reasons, respect your partner, and put God first. The rest will align or fall into place,” he said.

For those asking how many times one can find their lifelong partner, Mr Makoya emphasised that, just like dating, everybody deserves a second chance.

“We have read and laughed about the soulmate issue, but people tend to forget everybody deserves a second, third or fourth time with someone till you get it right. It’s just the same as dating. Everyone has a story to tell with perhaps the wrong or right choices they made in life,” he said.

Mr Makoya said they always block the negativity and embrace the positivity, because that is what matters the most in the end.

“For those wanting to wed soon, I say it’s the most beautiful experience as long as you are ready and not pressured. That’s when you know the union is meant to be,” he said. –

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