Hello to the new Toyota Land Cruiser

When Toyota says it is onto something new, fresh and attractive, that is exactly what the brand means.

Introducing the all-new Prado: As times change, technology gets more advanced and believe it or not, smaller engines tend to be more powerful.

The new Land Cruiser Prado perfectly fits the ‘modern’ tag with its straight lines, large wheel arches, plain front grille and luxury interior, safety features and drive train.

By the way, Prado means ‘meadow’ or ‘field’ in Portuguese. This new Prado will therefore come into its own in the ‘Land of the Brave’.

The much smaller 2,8l four-cylinder turbo diesel engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox deliver a good 150kW and 500Nm to all four wheels under your Prado.

Unlike the previous generation with its five models and variable engine sizes, the new Prado will be available only in three models, all with the same engine and gearbox.

Sean Neethling, a sales executive at Indongo Toyota, says: “Toyota hit the nail on the head with this Prado. The presence of this car in our showroom is extraordinary and the feedback we have received from our clients – even if they only saw it in the media – they love what they see.”

He says he already has a few orders from customers based on simply seeing and reading about the car on the internet.

All three models, the 2.8 GD TX, GD VX R and GD VX R first edition, are fitted and equipped with advanced technology, ranging from on- and off-road 4×4 abilities, safety features, passenger comfort and cosmetic features.

The base model (the GD TX) comes standard with a power-operated back door, leather seats and reverse camera.

Additional features are standard, which is normally not found on base models.

The VX R comes with more, Neethling says.

“… from the factory-fitted tyres, the pre-crash system, the fact that the car has an eight-speed gearbox and the tried and tested GD-6 motor,” he says.

When buying any Toyota vehicle you know it is well tested by Toyota itself, Neethling says.

The Prado is a seven-seater, comes in four colours and has a 12,3-inch touchscreen system, rear-passenger climate control and heated steering wheel.

Like the VX-R, the first edition comes standard with centre and rear torque-sensing limited differentials, and a stabiliser bar control system.

This helps the driver with better road holding and managing much better when going off the beaten track – all for safety and roadholding.

Considering some other specs, the Prado is attractive in many other ways – from off-roading to fuel usage and range.

The vehicle’s approach angle is impressive, with a 30-degree angle, a 17-degree departure angle and a ground clearance of just over 20cm.

The vehicle comes with two fuel tanks – an 80l and a 30l.

With an average fuel consumption as per spec sheet of 7,9l/100km, the vehicle can reach almost 1 400km under normal driving conditions.

The Prado also looks pretty prepared when it comes to its towing capacity of 3 500kg braked and 750kg unbraked.

As expected from Toyota, the Prado comes with an attractive guarantee and international back-up service.

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