Govt condemns discriminatory enrolment in state schools

Sanet Steenkamp

The ministry of education has condemned state schools that practise discrimination during the process of enrolment.

In a press statement issued last Friday, executive director of education Sanet Steenkamp said this has deprived a significant number of pupils the opportunity for enrolment.

“Some schools are subjecting learners to entry tests, either written or orally in order to select the best learners,” Steenkamp said.

“Such practices are discriminatory by nature because they deny some learners access to schools of their choice,” she said.

The statement further noted that regions commenced with regional admission campaigns in May.

“Between May and July, parents and guardians should have obtained application forms from the schools, which should have been completed in conformity with the guidelines provided,” she said.

According to Steenkamp, schools would be required to inform parents of the outcome of their application by the end of August.

“Parents whose children did not obtain space at a school of their choice should approach the respective regional office of the director of education, arts and culture,” she said.

Steenkamp said regional admission committees are required to identify feeder schools within the region to make proper projections to plan for placement of pupils in the region.

These projections are supposed to take into consideration pupils who may be unsuccessful.

In cases where a large number of pupils apply for a grade with limited space, “at least 20% of the learners to be admitted should be learners who did not perform well,” Steenkamp said.

“No learner should be denied access to a school on any basis other than there is no space in the school or the field of study is not offered at the school,” she said

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