Engineering council clears charges against Mukwaso

Former magistrate Rhivermo Williams has cleared Engineering Council of Namibia registrar Charles Mukwaso of all charges levelled against him by a council member.

Williams, who chaired the hearing in the matter, on Friday set aside all the charges as flawed and described the process as being filled with irregularities.

Mukwaso has been on temporary suspension since mid-last year for alleged misconduct.

The engineering council posted on Facebook that during the hearing, Mukwaso presented evidence to refute the accusations that originated with Sophia Tekie, the sole witness from the council.

“Despite Tekie having insisted that the case was arrived at with unanimous agreement among members, no other council member testified in support of the council’s case,” noted the council.

The hearing also exposed serious instances of manipulation of the engineering council’s documents and systems, including minutes of council, which the engineering council will address as Mukwaso resumes his duties after more than a year.

According to the council, Mukwaso falsely claimed to have worked overtime and fraudulently represented that he had obtained approval from the engineering council to claim overtime pay.

The council had also accused Mukwaso of unlawfully using his position as registrar to claim N$101 000 for overtime work he did not perform, nor did he obtain proper approval.

In a document seen by The Namibian, the council noted that Mukwaso falsely represented that he had submitted a practical work experience report for professional certification, which was assessed positively by three assessors.

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