The Importance of Dressing Appropriately

Danny Meyer
Danny Meyer

Although one should not do so, we tend to judge a book by its cover, which then influences our buy decision and the chance for a good read is lost.

Likewise, we tend to form an opinion of others by the way they are dressed, before even engaging in conversation or taking the time to get to know that person better.

It’s wrong, but we do so.

Dressing properly is important and by not doing so, you run the risk of placing yourself at a disadvantage to achieve the intended outcome and at times even cause annoyance.

Examples where dressing correctly are important are family social occasions of a grandiose nature, such as weddings and with decorum at funerals. And when selected to represent an institution at a formal event or gala dinner.

When graduating from an educational institution after years of study, inappropriate dress will offend the faculty staff and other academics and guests in attendance.

Attending a job interview, irrespective of age and expertise or skills offered, a prospective employer will be put off by improper dress. That is why it is so important to research the dress code of the business or institution you wish to secure placement at in advance and make it part of the interview preparation.

It might be fashionable, but the reality is that wearing a top that could be viewed as the clothing of a younger sibling, exposing the waistline together with torn pants, will not impress a prospective employer.

In business, dressing appropriately is important too, not only to impress, but to project professionalism and the right image for the enterprise and its owner.

To demonstrate seriousness and to gain the confidence of prospective customers, dressing appropriately is especially important in the hospitality sector and one would have thought the routine interaction with guests makes this common sense.

Evidently not so, as I recently discovered during a stay at an accommodation establishment at Keetmans­hoop. There, a young lady was strutting around with torn pants as if on her way to an outing with friends.

Another case of improper dress that is worthy of sharing to illustrate the potential loss or gain benefit for a business was at a skills development activity in Windhoek this week. I had to remind a rising star in the clothing design and manufacturing sector of the gain from dressing to impress.

Taking the liberty of pointing out to her that the other participants are potential clients for her stylish clothing designs, I asked the young lady why she selected to wear torn pants in preference to one of her beautiful creations.

To her credit, on subsequent days of the event, the entrepreneur wore her own creations. I will wager a bet that her changed dress style will result in the securing of new customers.

Using your products publicly or flaunting your creativity and uniqueness for all to see is smart marketing.

Not only for clothing designers and apparel makers, but for other entrepreneurs too. Jewellery designers, beauty products and handbag and leather accessories makers immediately spring to mind.

Grooming and deportment are equally important as they help us to also look and feel good at work and at play.

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