Soldiers urged not to post military information on social media

Namibian Defence Force (NDF) army commander major general Aktofel Nambahu has called on soldiers to refrain from tribalism, nepotism, discrimination and posting military information on social media.

“This also goes with refraining from airing your grievances to the media. Rather use the right platforms of chain of command,” said Nambahu.

“I urge you to all remain committed, disciplined, focused, obedient and patriotic…”, he said while speaking at the 33rd anniversary of Army Day at the Dimo Hamaambo Garrison at Grootfontein on Friday.

He also urged for more investment in the country’s armed forces.

“This is to ensure that the soldiers remain well equipped, highly trained and ready to face any challenges that may arise,” Nambahu said.

He said the army has evolved into a modern and well equipped force capable of meeting various challenges effectively.

“Our officers and men have received extensive training both locally and internationally to enhance their skills and capabilities.”

According to him, through joint military exercises and collaborations with other defence forces, they have fostered a strong partnership that contributes to regional peace and security.

“Our army has played a crucial role in maintaining peace and stability within our borders. Our soldiers have demonstrated unwavering dedication, bravery and professionalism in fulfilling their duties.

Nambahu said soldiers have also selflessly provided assistance during natural disasters and offered medical support to communities in need.

“These successes come at a price of devoted members who take a leap of faithfulness through sacrifices to protect us,” Nambahu said.

He said over the past three decades, the army has undergone significant transformation to adapt to the changing global security dynamics.

The growth of the army is remarkable, as evidently shown in the establishment of four independent unit commands and a number of training institutions, he said.

These are institutions that are mandated to equip members of the army and other services with specialised combat skills.

“In our country’s history, the formation of the Namibian army was crucial since it signaled the start of a new age,” Nambahu said.

“It gives us a reason to celebrate this day with a high sense of gratefulness to peace and stability that still is prevailing in our beloved motherland.”


Nambahu said the army continues to enforce government policies and directives to promote gender equality and ensure demographic representation within its ranks and files.

“It is our conviction that diversity strengthens our military capabilities,” Nambahu said.


He urged the soldiers to continue training hard and partake in various sport codes at all times.

“Sports day should always be observed strictly and regularly in order to boost our fitness. Remember, sport helps us stay healthy, fit and active at all times.”

Nambahu said sports teaches the value of teamwork and enhances discipline, dedication and commitment, which are essential values to a successful army.

“It has the ability to keep us away from social ills such as alcohol and drug abuse,” Nambahu said.

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