PDM calls for electricity subsidies for low income households

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has called on the government to consider subsidising electricity for low-income households.

This comes after the Electricity Control Board (ECB) approved an increase in bulk power supply by 8% for the 2024 and 2025 financial year.

“The government should consider subsidising electricity for low-income households, ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected from the harsh economic realities,” PDM spokesperson Hidipo Hamata said in a statement on Sunday.

Hamata said this could be funded by reallocating resources from less critical areas, or through international aid and investment in renewable energy projects.

PDM also calls for a comprehensive review of the current tariff structure, saying that the economic impact of higher electricity prices on households is devastating.

“We demand transparency in the justification for these increases and an equitable distribution of costs across all sectors, including businesses and farms. The government must also explore alternative energy solutions and investments to reduce dependency on costly electricity imports,” Hamata said.

The official opposition demands a detailed breakdown of how the increased revenue from tariffs will be utilised and assurances that it will benefit the public and “not just the pockets of a few executives”.

“The government must act urgently to protect its citizens from further economic hardship. This is not merely a plea but a constitutional mandate that must be upheld. We urge the ECB and the government to reconsider their stance and work towards a more equitable and sustainable energy policy that benefits all Namibians,” Hamata said.

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