Kalux bounces back: music recovered after housebreak

Namibian singer Kalux, known for his soulful and popular music, recently experienced a break-in at his home in Otjiwarongo.

According to his social media posts, he arrived at his house to find the doors wide open and discovered that most of his music equipment, including his entire music collection recorded over four years, had been stolen.

The incident happened the day Kalux was scheduled to complete a song with Yeezir and Chester House Prince.

“We were supposed to go and complete our song with Yeezir and Chester House Prince that night and we pulled up at my house and it was open. When I went to the studio, it was empty. I was in disbelief. I haven’t dropped an album for that long. It was a bad, bad moment for me,” says Kalux, recounting the break-in.

However, Kalux thanks the Otjiwarongo police for their efforts in recovering his stolen goods, including his precious music. He credited their assistance in helping him retrieve his belongings, and particularly his music, which held great sentimental value to him.

“God is good and has been good to me all these years. So, I think it will be a good name for my upcoming album, but we may come up with a surprise name from my record label, Superstar Records as well,” adds Kalux, sharing his plans for his upcoming album titled ‘God’s Son’.

Despite the setback, Kalux says the experience motivated him to release his upcoming album sooner.
Kalux also plans to release one or two singles before the album drops.

The artist has been absent from the music scene for a few months due to his entrepreneurial ventures, including opening small businesses and a bar at Otjiwarongo.

“Apologies to my superstars (fans) for not giving you food for almost four months, because I remember the last song I dropped was with One Blood titled ‘Keer My’. Since then I haven’t done much. I’m here now, so thank you for always supporting me. God bless,” says Kalux, adding that his recent experience with the break-in has been challenging, but he is determined to continue making music.
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