Jovanko pours heart out


I am just done playing this new Namibian project over and over again and I can tell you that real lover boy music is back, and I’m so here for it.

Jovanko (28), a rap artist and chef, is taking the phrase ‘let him cook’ to a whole new level with the release of his latest offering, a five-track EP titled ‘Hope This Finds You Well’.

Previously being solely a hip-hop artist, Jovanko says he wanted to try something new and different and this RnB ensemble was born.

With a bit of practise and help from close friends and fellow artists Waters and Ian Lovly (formerly Jaleel), he says he is starting to find his voice.

“I am not an RnB artist like they are, but I can sing a little bit. I decided to take my latest work in that direction by trying to fuse a more soulful sound with a bit of hip-hop,” he says of the set list, which has him crooning and reflecting on the journey he has taken in trying and failing to find love.

The vibes you get from this are reminiscent of international singers like Bryson Tiller or 6lack, who have a penchant for leaning towards the more melancholy side of the genre.

According to him, the five songs, ‘Where We Going’, ‘Persona’ featuring Ian Lovly, ‘Hope This Finds You Well’ featuring Mandz Not Hot from South Africa, ‘You’ and ‘Kind Regards’, are an exploration of the past five years of his life and relationships that have come and gone.

In this project, Jovanko chronicles his encounters with toxic relationships, failed romances and the discovery of what he considers an unavoidable outcome – the dissolution of unions.

“The last song is me just saying bye to all of these toxic traits I presented throughout the years with these people and also what they did to me and then discovering that there’s something greater for me. It’s not just about searching for your soulmate or searching for the person you want to be with ‘cause it all inevitably ends the same – in heartbreak.

“It’s not to be negative. It’s just to say there are bigger things to focus on and that’s something that will just naturally come by itself. It’s a realisation I had to come across by dealing with all these people,” he says about the progression from optimism to gloom the tracks take.

He wanted to share his story, he says and hopes people would be able to relate to his experiences with three women over the last five years.

The opening song, ‘Where We Going’, already has a music video out on YouTube, and has gained some traction with its mellow atmosphere and moody lighting.

He tells us another for ‘Persona’ is on the cards.

“This project is a letter to the world to say hey, I hope this finds you well, because this is my story and I can tell you there’s nothing out there you know.

“Just focus on you, focus on what matters, and the right thing will come to you,” he says.

In the meantime, Jovanko continues to flex his talents as a culinary entrepreneur.

Having studied and worked in Cape Town, he returned to the country and played an instrumental role on the Windhoek food scene.

Remnants of his influence can be found in his previous work as head chef at various restaurants, like Isabel’s Table, Piccolo, Berrylicious and Wine Bar, as well as being instrumental in their menu formations.

Jovanko says he has now gone solo and works strictly for himself.

“Being a chef has been a long journey and making a name for myself has been difficult. My journey has always been me trying to discover how to fuse both my talents and pursue both.

“I never thought this was possible, because everyone always tells me I should choose one path.”

For me, this a welcome addition to the Namibian music catalogue. To form your own opinion, see Jovanko’s latest body of work on all major streaming platforms.

– Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator. Follow her online or email her at for more.

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