Itula promises lean Govt of 15 ministers

Panduleni Itula

Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) president Panduleni Itula says he intends to reduce the country’s ministries from 23 to 15 to save the treasury about N$2 billion if voted into power.

Speaking to Desert Radio on Wednesday, Itula said the saved money would be spent on Namibia’s youth to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Since founding the IPC in 2020, he has visited over 350 villages to campaign and engage with the nation, he said.

“We engage with young people, business people, old people and farmers to listen to their pain, and what they are going through, rather than sitting in air-conditioned offices in Windhoek directing what should be done in the country.

“Our interest is to engage with the public and ensure our policies are the result of the interest of the Namibian people. That will be reflected when we put together a manifesto based entirely on the feelings and needs of the Namibian people,” he said.

Itula apologised for the delayed release of the party’s manifesto, which was initially set to be released on 2 August, but will now be released towards the end of August.

He said the IPC prioritises youth engagement and young people contributing to the economy.

“One of the devastating results of the 34 years of rule of the Swapo party is the number of young people who are out of work.

“When I visit these villages and ask how many people are unemployed, almost all of them raise their hands, and that is truly sad,” he said.

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