Eenhana CEO suspended

Eenhana mayor Omri-Oon Kavandje on Sunday announced that the town’s chief executive, Gabriel Benjamin, has been suspended for three months.

Benjamin was suspended on 3 July for reasons which have not been disclosed.

“Yes, I can confirm that the CEO as from 3 July has been served with a suspension notice. However, an internal investigation is taking place, and we can only reveal that once the investigation is done,” Kavandje said.

Benjamin on Sunday confirmed his suspension, saying he was not presented with the reasons for this.

He claimed the suspension is part of a “witch-hunt” against him.

“How do you investigate after a suspension only? Due process should be followed: You investigate, get your findings, and you suspend. They have not given me the reason why I am suspended.

“If they want to fill my position with their people, they should follow procedures,” Benjamin said.

He said he has been denied access to the Eenhana Town Council’s cash register as per the instructions of Kavandje, Amos Nangolo and Gabriel Mwaninga.

“They have blocked my access to the building through a security company,” Benjamin said.

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