Constitution written by Western countries – Itula

Panduleni Itula

Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) president Panduleni Itula says Namibia is governed by a Constitution that was not founded by Namibians.

Itula says the Constitution was drafted by Western countries and discussed with Swapo before Namibia gained independence.

Speaking to Shipi FM in a recent interview, Itula distanced the IPC from those saying the “homosexual issue” was created by his party.

He said the IPC was not part of the decision to recognise same-sex marriages legally concluded outside the country.

“Were we in court? It’s the Namibian government that was in court. Is it the IPC who made that decision? It was decided by a Namibian,” Itula said.

Two weeks ago Swapo central committee member Paulus Kapia claimed that European governments, whom he said are funding the IPC, are promoting a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and others (LGBTQI+) agenda in Namibia.

He said this could lead to the country being ruled by the LGBTQI+ community – a prospect he found alarming.


Political analyst Henning Melber says Itula’s statement is misleading.

He says through the statement, he blatantly ignores Namibia’s negotiated transition to independence.

“The Constituent Assembly was elected by Namibians in November 1989. The assembly – all Namibians – discussed and adopted in February 1990 the Constitution as the last formally required step to independence,” he says.

“This document did indeed not fall from heaven. Hage Geingob as the Constituent Assembly’s chairperson proposed that the constitutional principles which Swapo had discussed with the Western Contact Group in the early 1980s are included in the document.

“This was the breakthrough to receive support from all parties.”

Melber says constitutions are usually a matter of negotiation – not only in Namibia.

“One can criticise Swapo for being willing to accept a negotiated controlled transition, rather than to continue the fight for independence.

Peter Kazongominja

National Unity Democratic Organisation presidential hopeful Peter Kazongominja says he does not support the LGBTQI+ community as it did not exist when he was growing up.

Kazongominja, who is also a councillor for the Aminuis constituency in the Omaheke region, said this in an interview with The Namibian yesterday.

He is one of the party’s presidential candidates at its elective congress slated for 12 to 14 July.

He said the LGBTQI+ issue is complicated.

“Where I come from, we did not have gays and lesbians. It was a taboo. For me to support it I must be told why I should support it,” Kazongominja said.

Popular Democratic Movement secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe says Namibia does not have laws supporting the LGBTQI+ issue.

“Our position is very clear that the PDM does not support LGBTQI+ issues. We don’t even support same-sex marriage,” he says.

Ngaringombe says the country should respect the basic rights of the LGBTQI+ community.

He says his party does not support any abuse or imprisonment of this community.

“We cannot deny them access to healthcare and education. However, the practice of LGBTQI+ in Namibia is not legal, and we stand by that. However, we don’t abuse their rights,” he says.

Former parliamentarian Mike Kavekotora says same-sex marriage is against his party’s belief system and contrary to African traditions.

“We don’t want to interfere in personal matters. These things are done in the confinement of each one’s house,” he says.

He says there are more critical issues to focus on than the rights of the LGBTQI+ community

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