Charged doctor says ex-wife made false accusations

A medical doctor accused of raping his son over a period of about six years says the boy’s mother has accused him of bribing a psychologist and a doctor consulted by him and his then wife after she suspected their son was being sexually molested.

The doctor (36), who was arrested on a rape charge last Tuesday, testified during a bail hearing in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday that his then wife accused him of bribing a doctor who did not find anything wrong with their son during a medical examination, following a claim by the boy’s mother that his anus was injured.

The boy’s father told magistrate Immanuel Udjombala his then wife also accused him of bribing a psychologist.

He said this was after he had suggested to his then wife, who reported that she detected suspicious smells on their son, that they should see a psychologist.

He said the last time he and his son’s mother had a consultation with the psychotherapist, she told him: “Your wife is sick.” The man and his mother (58), who was arrested on Thursday last week, are both charged with a count of rape.

The state is alleging that they raped the man’s son, who is now seven years old, by committing sexual acts with the boy on diverse occasions from 2018 to January this year.
The boy’s grandmother told the court on Wednesday she did not know why her grandson has alleged that she and his father committed sexual acts with him.

“I really don’t know how he said these things. I really don’t know,” she also said.
She did not commit any sexual acts with her grandson and he has also never reported to her that his father sexually molested him, she said.

She also informed the court that she is undergoing cancer treatment currently, having first been diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

Her medical records show that on 1 February this year – a day when the boy said his father and grandmother were at his school in Windhoek and his father committed a sexual act with him in his car at the school – she was receiving chemotherapy treatment at a clinic in Windhoek, she said as well.

The boy’s father told the court he noticed there was a rapid turnover of nannies employed to help look after his son and when he asked his then wife about that she told him she was detecting “genital smells” on their son’s hands when he came from the nannies.

He said the smells she said she detected progressed to her saying she smelled semen on their son’s teddy bear.

He said he began to question whether the smells she said she detected were real and then suggested they should see a psychologist for therapy.
He and his ex-wife got married in March 2018 and their divorce was finalised in November 2021, the man said.

In his divorce claim against his ex-wife, he alleged that she falsely accused him of sexually molesting their son, the magistrate was informed.

The bail hearing did not continue as scheduled yesterday, after public prosecutor Seredine Jacobs was booked off until the end of next week due to illness.

The hearing is due to continue today, with another prosecutor supposed to take over from Jacobs.

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