Another Day for Women? Really?

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Women have openly stolen Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Groceries Day, Soccer Day and all other days that have absolutely nothing to do with them, and yet they have their own few women’s days on the calendar.

Nobody dare say anything about it, because the first lady is a woman.

Happy International Women’s Day (IWD) to you reading this now.

I hope you feel really good about yourself, and that this day will change the world for good.

This is clearly a very important day, so please behave accordingly – even if you don’t really know what it is about and why it even exists. I don’t know either.

But because we are a ‘civilised’ people, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: Do women really need just one day in a year to be celebrated and appreciated? I mean, come on, folks!

Women are rocking it every single day, multitasking like pros and generally being the unsung heroes of the universe. So, reducing them to just one day?

It’s like giving a Michelin-star chef a microwave dinner to show their culinary prowess.

Equally, men are men every day, and that’s why they will never, ever have a day just for them.

If you dare propose it, the question will be asked: What exactly will men do with such a day anyway?

Well, what do wom … never mind, I am not walking into that trap.

You see, I don’t trust any of this. IWD seems to have a suspicious air of commercialism around it.

Ever notice how every store suddenly becomes a pink paradise, bombarding us with ‘special deals’ and ‘limited-time offers’ on items we never knew we needed?

It’s like the retail world collectively decided that women’s empowerment comes in the form of discounted handbags and half-price spa treatments.

Hell, even male clothing shops have signs designed only for women. If that is not a sign that they are either a target or they are being used, then we are all blinded by the fancy lights.

And don’t even get me started on the marketing tactics.

“Buy this, and you’ll be supporting women everywhere!” they say.

But hold up, is that really the case? Or are we just being conned into parting with our hard-earned cash while thinking we’re contributing to some grand cause?

Perhaps IWD is secretly sponsored by the global mascara conglomerate, because nothing says women’s empowerment like perfectly curled lashes.

And the nails, uuurrrrgh.

The politicians have even found a way to cash in on it. Monday’s newspaper headlines will all be about which politician said this or that at this or that event.

That is the news for you.

It is all about what they said and not what they did among the few little things they are supposed to have done for humanity.

Now, let’s talk about the impact or lack thereof. Has IWD really changed anything for women, or is it just a feel-good day for the Ministry of Gender, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare to justify its budget?

Sure, we see hashtags trending on social media and inspirational quotes plastered everywhere, but does that translate into tangible improvements in the lives of women in Namibia?

If we genuinely believe women need a day off, why stop at just one day?

Why not give them a week, a month or, heck, a whole year?

Picture it: A world where women get to take a break from juggling a thousand responsibilities, and everyone else realises just how crucial their contributions are.

Of course, this may result in a temporary breakdown of society, but hey, sacrifices for the greater good, right?

So, whoever the first lady is today, please step up to the podium and say something. Let it be the headlines on Monday, and let us pretend we really needed this day.

Oh, but approach this day with a healthy dose of scepticism, a sprinkle of laughter and a pinch of thought-provoking introspection.

While at it, my dear, the men are waiting for their day, even just half a day, for they too are also just women without the ‘wo’.

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