Another candidate joins marathon to State House

Lisbeth Kaumbi

Another independent candidate has thrown her hat into the presidential race for the upcoming national elections in November.

Republican Party (RP) Kunene regional coordinator Lisbeth Kaumbi (42) says she will transform Namibia into a developed country in five years if elected as president.

“Let me lead you and I will ensure that Namibia migrates from a developing country to a developed country,” she told The Namibian yesterday.

RP president Henk Mudge says he is shocked by Kaumbi’s decision.

He says Kaumbi is young and inexperienced.

Kaumbi, who joins Swapo presidential candidate Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah and three independent candidates, namely Rosa Namises, Lydia Kandetu and Ally Angula, as the female candidates, says she wants to end the oppression and promote the elevation of women as partners and leaders.

Henk Mudge

“I see the need to transform our beloved country and to create a government that is based on principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice,” she said.

Kaumbi said she wants to empower and support the youth, adding that she wants to work towards ending corruption, nepotism, reluctance in government offices and all forms of discrimination.

So far, six people have declared their interest to run as independent candidates.

The Electoral Act 5 of 2014 requires an independent candidate to have a nomination supported by at least 500 registered voters per region.


Political analyst Ben Mulongeni has raised concerns over the mushrooming of independent candidates.

He says there is a lack of understanding and political maturity.

“Most of them have similar ideologies. Why are they not teaming up with people who share the same ideologies, conceptualise ideas and vision to get on a common ground?” Mulongeni asks.

“People are disappointed in the parties. Some are finding it hard to find positions in party structures, and most of them want positions for glory, thus they think independently they will get them somewhere faster,” he says.

Mulongeni says it will force votes to be shared among too many candidates, leading to only bigger parties scoring decent votes.

Political analyst Johannes Coetzee says there is a vacuum of servant and ethical leadership in Namibia.

“If people think that we need more presidential candidates, let them mushroom the presidential candidates,” he says.

Ben Mulongeni


Coetzee says people are not happy with political leaders bound by ideology.

“They do not trust political party leaders. It is time for change towards independent candidates that do not represent any political party.”

He says securing 500 votes to support independent candidates is easy.

“I think I can also manage that for the sake of joking with the system created by people that did not give it much thought,” says Coetzee.

Political analyst Ndumba Kamwanyah says the mushrooming of independent candidates could spoil the election outcome and lead to an undesirable candidate being elected.

He, however, says this is an indication that people desire change and that traditional parties are not bringing about the desired improvements to the country.

Meanwhile, Kaumbi says as an independent candidate, her campaign is simple due to financial constraints.

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