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The Namibian
Mon 22 Sep 2014
 THE Swapo Party leadership should own up and accept guilt when they go wrong. Stop blaming the past and colonialism for corrupt practices. You award horse mackerel quotas to your friends without following the correct procedures and then claim that Namsov
 MANY Namibians feel Andimba Toivo ya Toivo is the most respectable leader in Namibia. Why can't we replace the 'Unknown Soldier' with a statue of ya Toivo who deserves it more than the 'Unknown Soldier'?
 THERE is no transparency in marks allocated for the learner's licence at Natis in Windhoek. This is undoubtedly part of a corrupt syndicate again? Drown Namibia, drown.
 DO we really have to revisit the outcome of our cooking pot, just because some acclaimed ones failed to feature? That is not Swapo Party democracy. Albert Kawana and his cohorts failed comrade Hifikepunye Pohamba and the party. We don't need that Kawana d
 I, LASARUS Stefanua Shuya, lost my identity document between Tuliwa and DRC informal settlement. If found, please contact me on 0816470456.
 I, HENDRIK J, lost my identity document. If found, please contact me on 0814677749.
In light of recent media reports, do you think the fisheries sector is in crisis?

1. No, it's just a media storm

2. Yes, sack the minister

3. Maybe, but do we have all the info yet?

4. Never! Namibians are getting empowered

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NEWS - NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Rukoro elected OvaHerero Paramount Chief
Advocate Vekuii Rukoro was on Monday elected as Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero under the OvaHerero Traditional Authority. Read more...
PIVOT ... Vekuii Rukoro was elected Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero during the on-going OvaHerero Chiefs' Council gathering near Otjinene in the Omaheke Region. Rukoro succeeds Kuaima Riruako who died in June this year.

Electoral Commission of Namibia (5.45MB)
IJG Daily Bulletin
Horse mackerel quota saved Fishcor - Esau
MINISTER of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Esau says the allocation of a horse mackerel quota to Fishcor, a hake fishing right holder, saved over 520 jobs. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Tweya, Nauta to pay for con man's sins
THE passive role that the trustees of a supposed charitable trust played in its affairs more than 10 years ago is set to cost them dearly, after a High Court judge ordered on Friday that they should pay more than N$3,6 million to people who lent money to the trust. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Omusati Regional Council suspends senior officials
THE Omusati Regional Council has suspended two senior officials amid allegations of administrative incompetence. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Education should not be politicised - Pohamba
PRESIDENT Hifikepunye Pohamba has warned educators in the country to refrain from campaigning on behalf of their political parties while at schools, saying that education should not be politicised. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Medical students in China to be relocated
THERE are plans to relocate Namibian students studying medicine in China because not all universities in that country meet local standards. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Police get 200 new cars
THE police force received more than 200 new cars from the Ministry of Finance on Friday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
RDP old guard retains top slots for parliament
RALLY for Democracy and Progress member of parliament Heiko Lucks emerged as the top performer at the opposition party's electoral college held on Saturday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Plane overshoots Eros runway
A PRIVATELY OWNED 210 Cessna overshot a runway and crashed into the fence at Eros Airport on Saturday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
Esau gets support over horse mackerel quotas
THE Midwater Trawling Association (MTA) of Namibia and the Trade Union Congress of Namibia (Tucna), have defended the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernard Esau, against allegations of favouritism in allocating horse mackerel quotas. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-09-22
A wake-up call to save our rhinos

IT was in the company of the late Paul van Schalkwyk, the Namibian filmmaker and businessman, that I first tracked a rhino. It was on a game farm close to Otjiwarongo, about two decades ago. Read more...

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