Youth urged to be creative

Hans Gariseb of the Khoen Community Development project says creative outlets are crucial to young people’s development.

Speaking to Desert Radio last week, Gariseb said creative projects were designed to help young people who struggle to secure jobs due to a lack of experience.

The Khoen Community Development project recently hosted a music workshop at the Full Gospel Church in Khomasdal.

The workshop, sponsored by the National Arts Council of Namibia, aimed to empower young people with disabilities, visual impairments and marginalised people within the community with essential skills to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Gariseb said the initiative aims to improve young people’s dancing and singing skills by connecting them with the right people.

“We develop them, network them and also bring them to other entities that are already established for them to have internships,” he said.

He said the project’s main goal is to be inclusive of youth with disabilities and marginalised community members so they do not feel excluded.

The project not only involves talent scouting, but also aims to instil a positive attitude in the youth.

Gariseb said many young Namibians are talented in fields other than athletics and boxing and require the public’s assistance to reach their dreams.

“The only legacy we can leave behind is to empower at least one or two entities or people, where you can see a talent or something and you develop that without abusing it,” he said.

Gariseb said apart from donating money, the public can also help the Khoen Community Development project by volunteering as dance trainers, instrument and voice coaches and by helping out with administration work.

He said giving back is worth more than money.

“A constructive and productive idea is more lucrative and could help a person for the rest of their lives.”

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