Youth event tackles relationships, singlehood

POWER COUPLES … Franklin The Poet will be one of the speakers at the youth engagement event set for end of this month in Windhoek

Young people in Windhoek are gearing up for the youth engagement event titled Power Couples, which is set to take place at the end of this month.

The event, held under the theme ‘Building Lasting Relationships, Navigating Singlehood, Courtship and Pre-marital Harmony’, will take place at Hossiana Parish Hall on 29 June.

Discussions about relationships, usefulness in singlehood, preparation for what is to come and embracing singlehood are tabled for the event.

One of the organisers of the event, Beata Nuuyoma, says the engagement aims to encourage discussions about the nakedness of relationships, what has proven to work and what sabotages it.

“Nowadays relationships are failing, depressing and least likely to enter into marriage, and if they do in this era, divorce is the first resort.

“Nonetheless, it also takes years before a man proposes and at times he doesn’t even propose and just dumps you after years of investment and resources. We then thought of having an engagement that would address this matter and give us a way forward,” says Nuuyoma.
She says the youth can expect to learn about growth and maturation, gaining clarity on knowing when relationships work or not, as well as about mastering communication, love and honour.

“Young people need to be trained and entrusted with the future destinies of each other and they need to be accountable to each other, but accountability only comes into play when there is awareness,” she says.

“There will be question-and-answer sessions. Questions are collected from the audience who have reached out to seek clarity concerning pressing challenges in relationships, while a few are formulated based on current challenges people encounter in relationships,” Nuuyoma says.

The event will have a few noteworthy speakers, including Ndahambelela Haifene, Kavena Shalyefu, Elago Nantana, Franklin The Poet, John Hafeni Kamati, Olivia Mukongo, Petrina Matthews and Irene Shaningua.

“Speakers were selected according to their areas of specialisation and their walk in life. They have proven that integrity, loyalty and a genuine walk with God are indeed possible and fruitful,” says Nuuyoma, adding that they were carefully chosen to represent the four categories of relationships.

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