Yango, Pupkewitz offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Many people dream of owning a car, yet financial constraints and hidden expenses such as maintenance, insurance, and repairs often render this dream unattainable.

Considering this, Yango Namibia opted to identify alternatives and generate opportunities for prospective owners not only to acquire a car, but also to generate income through the initiative.

Gerwill Uirab from Yango says Yango Namibia will assist individuals who acquired a vehicle through Pupkewitz Toyota with the formalities of registering as a Yango driver, or appointing a dedicated driver.

“Yango Namibia focuses on providing safe, reliable and affordable transport services for the Namibian population,” he says.

“People tend to spend a lot of money on dining out or other things, but that money could be used to buy an introductory Toyota Vitz at the affordable price of N$169 000, or with instalments of under N$3 000 per month,” he says.

Yango Namibia will in turn assist owners with all the protocol and administration to register the vehicle and assist the owner to obtain a public transport permit to be an operator or to employ an operator.

The Yango app can be dowloaded via your smartphone, connecting you to transport services immediately.

Through the app a Yango driver picks you up at your doorstep and drops you off at your destination safely.

To complement your safety throughout the trip, Uirab says the vehicle is tracked all the way.

The client also knows the driver’s identity ahead of time, while a photo of his driving licence is made available.

The Yango fleet is equipped with recording devices for extra safety.

In case of an accident, emergency services can be contacted and dispatched to the exact scene.

Uirab says although Namibia has been part of the Yango international family for just over a year now, Yango users can make use of any of their services in more than 30 countries, including in Africa and the Middle East.

Pupkewitz Toyota brand manager Shawapala Kandjabanga says the initiative involves investing in marketing efforts to propel this groundbreaking campaign.

He encourages interested parties to call the Pupkewitz Toyota showroom’s inhouse financial and insurance consultants to facilitate the application process.

The offer is valid until 26 May only, Kandjambanga says.

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