Work hard and avoid transactional sex – Geingos

FIRST lady Monica Geingos has warned the youth to focus on their education and refrain from sexual activities which hinder them from completing their schooling.

Geingos also cautioned young girls to avoid falling prey to older men and engaging in transactional sex, saying that such activities come with long-term consequences which might have dire effects on their future endeavours.

She strongly cautioned the youth to make education their first priority and work hard to acquire their own properties rather than depending on their partners for material gains while enduring emotional blackmail.
She made these remarks during an interactive dialogue under the ‘Be free’ movement, held with the youth of the Ohangwena region on Saturday at Helao Nafidi.

“I was not a young girl when I got married. There is a big age gap difference between us but firstly, I was not young to a point where I relied on my husband for money. By the time I was married, I was a multimillionaire. I had multiple houses that I owned myself before I got married, so if my husband decides to kick me out and box me, I will just say to him ‘oh, Hage, thank you and I’m gone’. One way to protect yourself from abuse is to build yourself up so that when they start abusing you in the middle of the night and say hurtful things to you, you have your own house to go to but when you don’t have anything, you’ll be stuck,” she said.

Geingos said transactional sex has no negotiating power and the victims often suffer emotional abuse and long-term consequences.
“Having sex is nice but it is only nice when it is consensual. Some people have made sex as their means of survival, they do it for money and when things go wrong they end up regretting it. Sex is supposed to be made to produce babies and not to be for transactional purposes,” said Geingos.

She urged the youth to remain determined to finish their studies in order to have a better and more secure future.

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