WIS to host Namibian Heritage Week

KEEPING CULTURE ALIVE … Founder of Windhoek International School Namibian Heritage Week Jeannette Washington. Photo: Contributed

Windhoek International School (WIS) recently announced that it would be hosting Namibian Heritage Week, a vibrant and enriching event that embraces the rich cultural tapestry of Namibia while fostering unity and understanding among students, families and the community.

Founder of Heritage Week Jeannette Washington said the event will take place from 18 to 22 September and is an opportunity to celebrate Namibia’s diversity and educate students about the importance of preserving and respecting cultural traditions.

“Namibians are committed to fostering a sense of unity and understanding among its diverse population. Together, we can honour the past, appreciate the present, and look forward to a future enriched by our diverse cultural heritage. We are hoping that this week-long celebration will leave participants with a deep appreciation for the country’s heritage. We feel strongly connected to the theme of cultural preservation, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. “Namibia is a nation with a diverse and captivating cultural heritage, encompassing a myriad of ethnic groups, languages, traditions and histories,” Washington said.

The event will also give locals a platform to celebrate their natural and cultural resources, she said.

“It will be a week filled with educational, engaging and entertaining activities. There will be cultural workshops where students will have the chance to showcase traditional music, dance and art from different communities. These interactive sessions will allow students to learn new skills and gain hands-on experience.

“Different cuisines will also be showcased because a key aspect of any culture is its food. The event will feature a food fair where participants can sample and savour traditional Namibian dishes, allowing them to explore the culinary diversity of the nation,” she said.

The event will also feature various guest speakers, she said.

“Authors in Namibian culture and history will share their stories and insights with students. This will provide a firsthand account of the country’s journey and the significance of heritage in shaping its identity,” she said.

Other events to take place include a traditional drumming circle, share and bring Namibian books, creative writing contest and kapana on campus.

“The creative writing contest is for all students in Windhoek for Grades 3 to 12. The contestants’ work can be in any language. They have to create a handwritten 500-word science fiction story in which explorers discover an entirely new and uncharted region within Namibia. What mysteries, creatures, or natural wonders might they encounter? What challenges would you face, and what unexpected discoveries might they make?”

The winner gets a prize of N$500, Washington said.

According to Washington, Heritage Elegance Day promises to be fun and educational, as students at WIS will wear traditional garments and have an opportunity to win a prize for the best dressed.

“This is an all-day school event. It’s an opportunity for students to not only see their heritage in full colour but also to understand and embrace the Namibian heritages of their fellow classmates and community members. The students are urged to wear heritage prints,” Washington said.

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