Wi-Fi for all Towns in Namibia

The Katima Mulilo Town Council recently signed an agreement with MTC Namibia which will allow internet users to make use of Wi-Fi services in the town’s central business district (CBD).

This is a noble and forward-thinking move aimed at empowering residents and visitors alike to have easy access to mobile technology.

Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly important tool for students in the modern world, as it allows them to stay up to date with their studies.

On the other hand, students and pupils alike have access to online materials and they also stay connected with fellow students.

When learning about this development at Katima Mulilo via local print media, I was immediately reminded of the City of Windhoek’s promise a few years ago of free Wi-Fi for the capital’s residents.

We are not sure if we have to wait another five years to see whether that promise would be fulfilled.

In the meantime, Katima Mulilo, despite its challenges regarding the town’s administration, at least to some extent will be easing the burden of its residents.

Wi-Fi is essential product, and people will not take it for granted, irrespective of how far they stay from the CBD, considering their understanding of this free-of-charge service.

Unfortunately, there will be those who would want to misuse and abuse this free service for unproductive and irrelevant things, as is the case throughout the country where there is access to free Wi-Fi.

Our trust is that the Katima Mulilo Town Council has mapped out a sustainable budgetary plan which will maintain the service and see to it that it serves its intended purpose.

By now it must be quite evident that all municipalities throughout Namibia realise the importance of Wi-Fi to students, pupils, businesses, upcoming entrepreneurs and the general public.

Thank you, Katima Mulilo, for taking the lead, and keep it up.

Alvenus Dreyer

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