Why Men Cheat And How It Affects Women

Cheating is a terrible act that harms relationships and has long-lasting effects on women.

More than 50% of men either cheat or have cheated at some point.

Men cheat for a number of reasons, such as for pure enjoyment, not enough sex at home, being drawn to other women, and others do it because they lack respect for their partners. However, it is important to note that men cheat without attachment and emotions, which is the opposite for women. We can have intimate relationships with people we feel nothing towards.

Although I do not endorse or condone dishonesty and infidelity, things do happen occasionally in life and cheating is a reality. It is much easier for women when it is merely a relationship, because she can walk away. It becomes difficult when it happens within the marriage and when there are kids involved.

Cheating brings about insecurities in women and they end up doing things such as tracking your phone, wanting to constantly read your WhatsApp messages, DMs and emails or even following you around. All these are caused by what we as men do to them. Men awaken the demons in women and we surely suffer the consequences.

Of course, as men, if and when caught the first thing we do is deny. However, women always have ways of finding out the truth. One thing for sure, women care for one another, they will expose you. Those that get cheated on always confront the ones cheated with and they always confirm. They never deny, showing that women are tired of cheating partners. Strangely, they fight each other instead of the man who cheated.

What is common is that some couples find it hard to have comfortable conversations. However, I encourage men to have honest and open conversations with their girlfriends or wives about cheating. Men should take ownership of their deliberate mistakes, express genuine remorse and be prepared to listen to their partners’ feelings and concerns.

It’s important to work together to rebuild trust and determine the best course of action for your relationship because most relationships don’t end after cheating. For whatever reason, women have opted to stay with their cheating partners. What works most times is getting a third party that can advise and is not biased, or seeking professional help from a therapist or counsellor.

Relationships can become extremely draining and men can be the cause of this. We cause ourselves stress. Gents, if you are not ready for a commitment, stay out of relationships. Otherwise, it is essential to take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences when caught.

Imagine five months in the marriage and your in-laws have requested a meeting to ask why you did not sleep at home the past three nights.

In addition, women need to stop forcing relationships or marriage, as cheating is the outcome of this. If you sense any red flag you better move on girl, move on. Contrarily, men can be just as delicate as three-month-old infants. We are so good at cheating, but can’t handle being cheated on and this has resulted in passion killing.

Men should refrain from spending money on women if there are conditions attached. When purchasing gifts like perfume or covering tuition fees, it’s essential to do so sincerely and from the heart and not because you are trying to own her.

Another strange thing is finding women who break people’s marriages or relationships. Karma will catch up with you. Another woman is going to do exactly the same to your marriage or relationship.

This topic deserves an entire book, so I will leave it here for now.

Kudos to all men who have never cheated or caused their women any harm because of cheating. Relationships are a blessing, they give you a sense of belonging and purpose and must be valued.

Women are precious creatures that only deserve the best or nothing.

  • Meneer_SK is an advocate for men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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