When You’re Not the Boss’ Favourite

It can be demotivating when your manager has a clear favourite – and it’s not you.

But don’t give in to the sense of rejection.

You can strengthen the relationship and regain some favour.

Observe and adjust.

Where is your boss’ attention focused? What’s his or her communication style? What are his or her goals? take steps to better align yourself with these factors.

Communicate proactively with your boss.

A passive approach will result in missed opportunities and make the situation worse. Instead, clarify their expectations of you, request feedback, and respectfully advocate for your needs and growth interests.

Make your achievements more visible.

For example, you may summarise them in weekly updates to your boss via email, a shared document, or during your one-on-ones and by highlighting your team’s work in meetings.

Invest time and energy in your other work relationships.

this could boost your performance and satisfaction, especially if you’re not receiving guidance, recognition and opportunities from your boss.

these connections may also provide advance knowledge of job openings, which could be valuable if your situation doesn’t improve.

* This tip is adapted from ‘How to Succeed When You’re Not the Boss’ Favourite’, by Dina Denham-Smith.

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