When the Workplace Keeps You From Adding Value

Wale Akinyemi in his article ‘Does your absence from work matter?’ argues that every individual should try to estimate their value at their workplace to know either they are value adders or parasites.

He says if your presence doesn’t have a significant positive impact, you are holding the place of someone else who could add value.

The article reminded me of the encouraging words of Saki Nicodemus, a motivational speaker and author who, during our team-building exercise last year, said: “When you are given a job, be on top of your game.”

Everyone, especially those who are newly appointed, try to do their best and add value to the workplace.

However, some workplaces do not permit workers to add value to the organisation.

Let’s take the example of two different working environments – one with an autocratic leader, and one with a democratic leader, where everyone’s views are considered.

In the second working environment, workers’ presence at work would matter.

But with the first working environment, some people would just go to work and wait for payday.

They would not even want to waste an extra minute at the office – especially if their views do not matter to their superiors.
This hinders the creativity of those workers and keeps them from fully contributing to the workplace.

Akinyemi says: “If your presence in an organisation does not add value, you are not only a waste of space, but an obstruction.”

Creating a good working environment should be priority, so that workers are able to demonstrate their significance and deliver their best.
Haimbanga Mandume

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