When is the Next Men’s Conference?

Every other month it seems there is a women’s conference somewhere in the country.

I can’t help but notice social media ads with small logos at the bottom attempting to lend an air of credibility.

But what really troubles me is this: Where are the equivalent opportunities for men? Where are the men’s conferences, the men’s movements, and their representation in the media?

Where are the gatherings celebrating fatherhood, grooming or professional development for men?

The answer is nowhere, our gatherings do not exist anywhere.

Before diving into the department of men’s events, it’s worth thinking about a statement I once heard.

These women’s conferences might just be a scam.

With inflated ticket prices and the pressure to dress to impress, attendees often find themselves hearing familiar messages from speakers who offer little new insight.

While some organisers manage to secure impressive sponsors and attract speakers from around the globe, the cost of admission rarely seems appropriate for the value offered.

It’s commendable that women have platforms to discuss issues related to them, but it shouldn’t come at such a steep price.

It’s undeniably uplifting to witness women gatherings, and from my professional standpoint I wholeheartedly endorse and support their initiatives.

I recognise the mass challenges women face – from the demands of motherhood to navigating the complexities of the workplace, while striving to maintain a delicate balance between the two.

Providing a platform for these discussions could undoubtedly enhance their lives.

When it comes to my gender, it often feels like we are not taking enough initiative for ourselves. I sometimes wonder if men are simply complacent or lacking in creativity when it comes to organising events like these.

Perhaps there is an opportunity for me to step in and create a platform specifically tailored to men.

I may already have a venue and a potential speaker lined up; all that’s missing is the funding.

Imagine this: ‘Men’s Night of Nights’, an event designed for men from diverse backgrounds and races to come together and discuss issues relevant to us, followed by whisky and cigars.

It’s a concept that could definitely resonate with many, but unfortunately we seem to struggle with collaboration.

If we pause to consider it, it’s clear that we men are the ones who could benefit most from discussion groups like these.

Places where we can learn from those who have walked similar paths, sharing real-life experiences.

Such gatherings could have far-reaching effects, potentially reducing rates of suicide, easing stress and offering insight into how to better navigate relationships and financial matters.

Personally, I believe I could contribute as a speaker, particularly on topics like personal branding or grooming, areas in which I have been diligently improving my skills.

This month, I’ve come across two women-related events, both boasting steep ticket prices.

While I understand the business aspect for those organising these events, I truly hope the women attending them receive tangible value for their investment, considering the significant effort involved.

I’ve noticed a colleague of mine eagerly preparing for such a gathering, thoroughly planning her outfit, hair and make-up to ensure she looks the part.

It was impressive to witness her enthusiasm.

As for me, I have taken it upon myself to spearhead the launch of the ‘Men’s Night of Nights’ towards the end of the year, with the hope of kick-starting a series of men’s gatherings.

– Meneer_SK is an advocate for men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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