WhatsApp group formed to protest Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

A WhatsApp group has emerged, comprising diverse individuals, including politicians, who are united in their opposition to the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the recognition of same-sex marriages in Namibia.

With over 900 members at the time of writing this article, the group, Namibia National Anti-Gay Demonstration, has raised concerns about the social and political impact of the ruling.

Among the notable figures associated with the group are Immanuel Nashinge, the spokesperson for the Independent Patriots for Change; Veikko Nekundi, a Swapo parliamentarian; former police chief inspector, Sebastian Ndeitunga; and labour minister Utoni Nujoma.

“We have values and norms, please,” Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters parliamentarian Kalimbo Iipumbu said.

Iipumbu, who is also part of the group, says he will support any planned anti-gay demonstration.

The Supreme Court ruling, which mandates the Namibian government to recognise same-sex marriages performed outside the country, has received mixed reactions from various segments of the society.

While it is being hailed as a historic step towards equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex and other community, it has also sparked opposition from those who hold conservative views or are concerned about the impact on Namibian cultures and traditions.

“I just want to know whether there is a planned demonstration against the recent Supreme Court ruling or are we just here discussing our unhappiness/disappointment against homosexuals. I think it would be a good gesture to unite and find a common goal in fighting this demon that is destroying our culture and traditions,” a comment in the group reads.

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