What Will the Preliminary Census Results Tell Us?

Iipumbu Sakaria

The preliminary census results for Namibia’s 2023 population and housing census are set to be released next week – on 13 March.

It is important to note that these will be preliminary results while we wait for the main census report to come out later during the year.

Last year, the Namibian nation took part in the 2023 population and housing census.

The aim of a population and housing census is to assess the changes in population and household structures over specific periods of time.

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) would like to thank the nation and all institutions that played their rightful role in ensuring that everybody who found themselves in Namibia during a specific reference time were counted.
It was a massive exercise.

We are glad that the field work part is complete and went smoothly, once again, thank you fellow Namibians for your cooperation.

The preliminary census results are set to be released on Wednesday next week.

They will be comprised of main indicators on population size and growth, as well as indicators on households.


To be specific, the population size will be made available, and, of course, comparisons can be made between different census eras.

We will also have an indicator of total males and total females for both urban and rural areas.

The preliminary results will also include population dynamics per region, analyse male and female trends per region and do the same for urban an rural areas.

We are aware that Namibia is one of the least densely populated areas in the world and the updated population figures will provide new population density figures for the country.

The population for the preliminary census report will also be presented based on urban localities and will also by divided into sex.

It is important to know and understand how many people live in which towns in order to plan and coordinate development properly.

The results will further portray population trends in households, as well as in institutions and special population groups.

They will also provide statistics on total number of households, the average household size, average household size by region, as well as statistics on concentration of residential structures.

Lastly, the results will highlight the population trends by constituency, as well as the figures for both males and females in all constituencies.


The preliminary results aim to bring forth demographic and household data for planning, while the main census aims to bring forth complete information on the census exercise.

The preliminary report will present the final results on population size and sex ratio, population density and structures, broken down to regional level, while the basic report will contain additional statistics generated from all different modules of the 2023 PHC questionnaires.

As we await the release, estimate the figure and see how your estimates compare to the actual figures.

Iipumbu Sakaria is the manager of Corporate Communications at the Namibia Statistics Agency.

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