What Impact has the Mining/Energy Sector Really Had?

After years OF following social media and being exposed to mining activities in Namibia, I ask myself this question: What are the impacts of the mining sector on society?

How is it possible that we still have schools with no buildings, or hostels in dire conditions in Namibia?

Our state education system should be of a similar standard than that of private schools throughout all regions.

How do we expect better output if we cannot even offer pupils a better standard of education?

Considering our small population and the wealth we possess, the standard of education should be outstanding.

Where are funds going?

QatarEnergy recently posted that the company has discovered oil offshore Namibia, and this exploration licence is compromised of QatarEnergy owning a 45% working interest, Shell owning a 45% working interest, and the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia only owning 10%.

Although I understand the dynamics around this in terms of investment and that the foreign companies use their capital for this discovery, the fact remains that it is Namibian oil.

What happened during the negotiations that led to this type of ownership?

Why does Namcor not at least own a 20% share?

Why are other countries richer than Namibia? How does this make any sense?

Have we become sold out by our own people?

There is this hype regarding sustainable energy/green hydrogen currently.

Although there will apparently be a great boost in employment and livelihoods, the question remains: Who will benefit the most?

Who are the main players in this huge project?

Why have we not put such a great deal of sustainability into our education system and our children? How will this new green hydrogen be steered towards eradicating poverty in Namibia?

Namibia’s population is roughly around 2,5 million, so why is the living standard so low despite our wealth of minerals?

At the recent mining expo, mines and energy minister Tom Alweendo mentioned something about a fund that is in the pipeline. Who will be the main players running this fund?

My greatest fear is that other people may abuse and mismanage this fund.

It does not require a person with a master’s degree or a PhD to see and understand what’s going on in Namibia.

Even the housing issue and the uncontrollable increase in food prices are cause for great concern.

It is our resources, we must benefit.

If other countries can do it, why can we not?

Clayton Farao

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