‘We want money and work, not useless speeches’ – Amushelelo

Michael Amushelelo

Activist Michael Amushelelo has criticised the government for spending millions on the Independence Day commemoration event, while most ordinary Namibians are still jobless and hungry.

Amushelelo was speaking at an unemployment demonstration in Windhoek on Thursday, held under the theme: ‘We want money and work, not useless speeches’.

He said the veterans affairs ministry has an annual budget allocated to them, and questioned why the same can not be done for the unemployed.

He criticised the government’s allocation of funds, highlighting the inequality in budget allocation between different ministries.

Amushelelo said the state of unemployment and poverty in the country should be addressed and called on the relevant ministries to take action.

He called on the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare to eradicate poverty, the fisheries minister to give them fishing quotas and the president to declare a state of emergency over unemployment.

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