We did not need English to liberate this country – Shaningwa

Sophia Shaningwa
…as Theofelus says Swapo will rule until ‘Jesus comes’

Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa has defended the party’s leadership skills, emphasising that proficiency in English does not determine effectiveness.

Speaking at a rally at Okongo on Saturday, Shaningwa addressed critics who question Swapo leaders’ English fluency, asserting that their capabilities extend far beyond language proficiency.

“We understand that some people were sent to school by Swapo but we cannot allow people to brag that those of us who are not speaking English are useless. We are not useless,” Shaningwa said.

Shaningwa said there was no time to go to school during the war.

“There was only time to defeat and fight the enemy and to free Namibia,” Shaningwa added.

Meanwhile, information and communication technology minister Emma Theofelus said the Swapo-led government will continue to govern Namibia until Jesus comes.

She said Namibia is one of the few well governed countries on the continent and the peace and stability being enjoyed by all Namibians did not come on a silver platter.

She was speaking during a Swapo mini-rally held at Onawa, Oshakati, on Sunday.

“We have to make sure that before anyone is able to attend a rally or a meeting, the first question should be, do you have a voter’s card? We are waiting for the party manifesto that will guide us in the campaign to ensure that every single person knows the path that Swapo is charting for the next five years, as we will continue to govern this country until Jesus comes.

“Where we do well, we must be commended and where we need to do more, we must be guided, but to say that the Swapo-led government has not delivered, it is not true,” she said.

Theofelus further urged Swapo members to be visible and wear their party colours with pride.

“Nobody should intimidate you because … the party of our forefathers has made it possible for us to have freedom of speech and expression, something that was not easy to come by during colonial times,” she said.

Emma Theofelus

She implored Swapo party members to go out in large numbers to vote for Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah in the upcoming elections.

Political analyst Ndumba Kamwanyah, however, said the opposition parties are likely to overthrow Swapo in the future.

“That is politicking as usual. It’s really just a confidence boosting statement that does not speak to the reality on the ground. There’s no way Swapo will rule this country until Jesus comes.

One way or another, there’s going to be a new party ruling this country … we have seen it in other African countries, liberation movement parties do not stay in power forever. They get replaced.”

He said the upcoming elections are going to be very competitive, because the presidential candidate poll looks tough.

He emphasised that Swapo’s brand has been tarnished by the Fishrot saga, lack of service delivery and internal disunity.

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