Virtual robotics camp aims to inspire young minds

In a groundbreaking initiative, Namibian-based non-governmental organisation I Am The Key Children Media, in collaboration with Chicago-based Youth Technology Corps (YTC), will be launching a virtual robotics camp in Namibia.

The camp, under the theme ‘Unlocking Innovation’, is designed to empower up to 100 local pupils with essential robotics skills and provide a platform for peer-to-peer learning.

The camp is scheduled to take place from 29 January to 11 July.

Eslien Tsuses, YTC’s robotics director and consultant, says the virtual camp is a transformative educational programme aimed at pupils in grades 7 to 12 and aims to provide them with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of robotics, micro electric concepts and technical English.

She says the curriculum focuses on hands-on learning and collaboration.

During the seven-month camp, participants will gain foundational knowledge in robotics and micro-electric concepts, develop proficiency in technical English and become robotics champions to teach fellow pupils in their community, while connecting with Ethiopian and American student teachers through virtual classes and contributing to the growth of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in Namibia.

YTC founder David Finkel says American and Ethiopian pupils will be teaching Namibian students robotics, striving to provide them with innovative and accessible educational opportunities in Namibia and beyond.

“Our student teachers will be teaching from the United States and Ethiopia. Campers are not only learning, but are also joining the global community.

“Our student teachers will help Namibian pupils learn how to do things on the computer and how electricity works in the things you do every day. We can’t wait to welcome you to our global community,” he says.

Tsuses says the camp is also an exciting journey for I Am The Key Children Media to extend the idea of peer learning from their previous project, The Namibian Children’s Writing Competition’.

“We will incorporate this into our virtual robotics project to maintain continuity. I am confident this project would reach even Namibia’s most remote pupils, thanks to the country’s expanding network coverage,” she says.

Interested pupils can submit their applications by 26 January to, or visit the I Am The Key Children’s Facebook page.

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