Vice president Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah at Swapo’s 64th anniversary

Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah

Today, 19 April 2024, marks 64 years since Swapo was founded in 1960. 

It is our plan to celebrate the anniversary of our party in a befitting manner on this day. However, due to the passing of our heroine, comrade Ida Jimmy, whom we will take to her final resting place tomorrow, may her soul rest in perfect peace, the celebration could not be held as planned. 

The official celebration will now be held at Mariental, in the Hardap region, on a date to be announced soon.

Swapo was founded by the struggling masses of Namibian workers in resistance to colonial oppression and exploitation. Therefore, Swapo has its roots in the

common struggle of the Namibian people. It is shaped by the unwavering desire of the brave sons and daughters of our motherland, in their quest for true and genuine freedom and self-determination. 

From the onset, our party has always aimed at uniting all Namibians, irrespective of gender, race or ethnic origin, into a vibrant, democratic society, and will continue to do so. Having attained the goal of liberating our country, Swapo introduced a policy of national reconciliation to ensure all Namibians have space for social and economic development. 

We then proceeded to establish and nourish a true democracy that will ensure peace, stability and good governance. Truly, we have brought our

nation from oppressed, segregated people into a united, harmonious and peaceful society.

Swapo forged ahead to embark upon the struggle for economic independence by crafting and implementing programmes aimed at redressing past colonial injustices, so as to ensure socio-economic development for the Namibian people. 

Despite some challenges, to date Swapo has proven to be the vanguard of our society, and our achievements in different sectors of our society and the economy are worth celebrating. Indeed, today we pay homage to the gallant sons and daughters of our motherland, who took a bold decision to form this party and stood resolutely in defence of our country and our rights to freely determine and chart our own destiny.

Today, we salute the unwavering spirit of the Namibian revolutionaries who paved the way for our national liberation struggle which Swapo  launched and logically concluded on 21 March 1990, a day when comrade Sam Nujoma, our founding president, the father of the Namibian nation and leader of our revolution, declared that “Namibia is free forever”.

We salute the unwavering spirit of our forebears, such as Iipumbu ya Tshilongo, Mandume ya Ndemufayo, Nehale lya Mpingana, Hosea Kutako, Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi, Jakob Marengo, and Kakurukaze Mungunda, to mention but a few.

In the same vein, we pay homage to contemporary revolutionaries, alive and departed, such as, Sam Nujoma, Hifikepunye Pohamba, Brenden Simbwaye, Tobias Hainyeko, Peter Nanyemba, Getrud Kandanga, Peter Mweshinge, Moses Garoeb, Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Dimo Hamaambo, Marco Hausiku, Hage G, Geingob, and many others.

Many have been maimed, others have paid the ultimate price during the long and bitter struggle for our freedom and independence – we salute them all.

Comrades, having established a flourishing democracy and laid a strong foundation for a just society, Swapo is determined to continue with the implementation of policies aimed at the socio-economic transformation of our society.

Swapo is focused on ensuring the sustainable utilisation of our natural resources, and working on local content to create more economic opportunities for all Namibians and expanding social safety nets. 

Swapo  is focused and determined to ensure youth employment and youth empowerment, being one of the best ways to fight poverty. Just as we won the struggle for political freedom, Swapo will win the struggle for economic independence. With new industries emerging, such as oil and gas and green hydrogen, reinforcing the traditional industries in our country, we have all the tools to look after our nation and to make Namibia the best place for all her people.

Unity in diversity is a cornerstone for Swapo, through which sustainable development can be realised. Therefore, let us remain united in order to achieve a resounding victory in the upcoming presidential and National Assembly

elections to enable us to continue with our national development agenda uninterrupted.

I therefore call upon Swapo members, supporters and sympathisers to remain in contact with our people to explain to them why they should continue to trust their

hopes for the future in Swapo.

In fact, with the Electoral Commission of Namibia having launched the election

calendar, the campaign has started, and we must all be hard at work. Victory is ours.

Indeed we are humbled by the continued confidence of the Namibian people in Swapo – an honour and trust we have never and shall never take for granted. But to remain of service to our people – the sovereignty.

In celebrating 64 years of a robust and durable foundation, I wish our Swapo, its leadership and rank and file, supporters and sympathisers, a joyous happy birthday celebration!

Happy 64th birthday, Swapo!

Swapo united! Swapo victorious! 

Now hard work!

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