Two ways you can use this festive season to add work experience to your CV

Rather than struggling for work experience, people should use the festive season as an opportunity to get work experience to improve their CVs.Photo: Freepik

Work experience is often a necessary requirement from potential employers that you need to include on your CV when you are applying for jobs. Rather than struggling for work experience, people should use the festive season as an opportunity to get work experience to improve their CVs.Here’s a closer look at two ways people can get work experience.


According to Rudi Mdima, business development and relationships manager at HyperionDev, a learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) registered qualification. Learnerships are also directly related to an occupation or field of work.

EduPower Skills Academy Managing Director Rajan Naidoo calls learnerships a bridge between education and employment, as well as a lifeline to a brighter future for the youth of the nation.

Learnerships can bridge the gap between education and employment when executed effectively by combining theoretical classroom learning with practical on-the-job training.

This allows young people that have completed school to gain a comprehensive skill set that is immediately applicable in the workplace and the experience necessary for meaningful employment.

“Through learnerships, we can expand our young people’s prospects in the labour market, providing income security and instilling hope and dignity. A skilled and employed youth population drives economic prosperity, offering a more promising future for our nation,“ Naidoo said.


Momentum Metropolitan Staff Volunteerism Portfolio (SVP) Specialist Patronella Sono said job-seekers often find that prospective employers don’t want to hire someone that does not have work experience.

This results in a chicken-egg conundrum, as these people cannot gain the necessary experience through gainful employment without any existing experience.

According to Sono, volunteering can provide you with a valuable opportunity to gain experience in your field of interest, which can be included in your CV.

People surveyed in Momentum Metropolitan’s Volunteerism Report 2022 said that volunteerism helped them learn valuable skills that would help them in their career, including teamwork (61%), planning (40%), leadership skills (40%) and compassion (57%).

“Through volunteerism, you can learn how to identify individual strengths, delegate tasks accordingly, and foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration among diverse group members,” Sono said.
– IOL Business

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