Trio thrives in making hand bags

LOCALLY MADE … These bags were made through using only one sewing machine. Photo: Contributed

Ondangwa is home to many entrepreneurs, such as local handbag makers Shinana Xunenikomesho, James Stefanus Dausab and Sondaha Mutji,

The three long-time friends have been trying to find a means to survive through sharing one sewing machine they have been making handbags with for the past few years.

In 2019, after struggling to secure a job, Xunenikomesho received N$130, which he used to buy material with.

He then made a handbag, which fuelled his dream of becoming self-employed, and started his own sewing company, called Vision 2030.

The three friends have been sharing one sewing machine to make a living and to feed their families.

With the aim of employing the unemployed, Vision2030 is pleading for financial assistance to be able to buy more sewing machines.

Vision 2030 specialises in handbags and currently employs a single mother (34) of three children, who they say earns nearly nothing.

“We are really struggling here. She walks 30km to get to the flat every day just to come and keep herself busy.

“She has acquired the necessary skills. Maybe one day she will be able to make a living from what she has learnt,” Xunenikomesho says.

The sky is the limit for the aspiring tailor team as they aim to establish a factory for the unemployed in Namibia’s north.

“We are not industrialised. Most of the job opportunities are in places such as Windhoek, and one thing we have realised is that most people in the same business depend on tenders to make a living.

“We want to absorb the majority,” he says.

Xunenikomesho says he has noticed that Namibia imports more than it exports.

He says he dreams of helping the country produce more of its own products.

Vision 2030 currently makes 60 handbags in one day with one machine, but plans on making a 100 per day, while hoping to find operating space.

“We have upgraded to making more quality bags,” Xunenikomesho says.

He says his team also wants to start making their own cooking oil, cooldrinks and chilli sauce. –

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