Tributes keep pouring in: ‘Geingob was the best of the best’

The outpouring of grief over president Hage Geingob’s death continues. Here are some of your social media reactions:

@dawidcolin? He was a great man with great potential, but who was denied by men, nature and circumstances to express himself…

@pandu0104????: Dr Hage Geingob was the best of the best. Our father, our hero. Your loss has left a deep hole in our hearts. Rest in peace, Omes.

@fessywes_official: Givin’ thanks for all the time that he was our president, reminisce his legacy. That is what we owe him

@emilia_erastus: He is the most joyful president. Full of life, full of jokes. In most cases, he condemned tribalism and always reaching for peace, love and stability among citizens of the Republic of Namibia. Rest in peace Om Hage, sail on, our president

@its_texlam: His passing leaves a void not only in Namibia and Africa, but globally. He will be remembered for his wisdom, vision and commitment to progress. May his soul rest in eternal peace. We shall be mourning and we will always remember you, Mr President.

@irjaangula: He fought and inspired the liberation of our generation. He gave hope and a vision for the future. His legacy is one that’s very inspiring: that you don’t give up, you keep on trying. We’ll never know when life ends. Here today and gone tomorrow . . . your memories live with us. RIP DR HAGE GG

@mupandeni9: I will miss you on the TV always talking about green hydrogen. My wish is for the government to name anything that has to do with green hydrogen after you, because you are our green hydrogen ambassador. Go well, Mr President.

@leni Hainghumbi: Many speakers narrate Dr Geingob’s ways of spotting talent. I would rather say the late president has no special way of spotting talent, but he initiated a self-controlling consciousness of being fair at all times, and a sense of being unselfish. Secondly, he mastered drawing the line between being blindly loyal and guided loyalty.

@Nelzzy Muajambuatji: Nothing to say, I’m speechless. Go well, Grootman.

@Godfrey Diplomatic Rushlover: Dr Hage G Geingob was a real true transparent an inspirational teacher, a leader full of humanity. His aim was to unite Namibian people and make Namibia a peaceful country. Nobody should feel left out. We will miss you, sir, but you will not be forgotten.

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