Top-5 AI tools for your business right now

We’re sure you’ve heard all about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), and you may be wondering if any AI-based solutions are mature enough yet to use in your business.

The good news is that mature (and highly useful) AI tools are starting to crop up all over the place, so we went looking for business-focused AI-based services and solutions.

Here are some of the most useful-sounding ones we found: for noise cancelling
About the only thing anyone enjoyed about our recent global pandemic was the forced shift from working at offices to working from home. Well, workers did – management not so much.

A big part of that shift was enabled by virtual meeting software.

But of course, we also learned that homes aren’t the quietest environments in which to conduct professional meetings.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the problem was solved. In this case, that solution turned out to be a service called, an AI-based noise-reduction solution that uses machine learning algorithms to remove background noise and voices from audio – in real time.

That means you can fire up your meetings even in the noisiest part of your home, launch, and take part in meetings as if you’re sitting in a soundproof studio.

And while offers a ‘free’ tier for individuals, this is more to test it out, as it offers you just 60 minutes per day of noise cancelling.

The professional tier costs $8 (about N$150), and gives you an unlimited number of minutes per month. for market research
If you’re interested in watching the markets you can sign up for, an AI-powered research tool that uses natural language processing to help you do deep research on companies quickly.

The idea behind Alphawatch is to speed up the research process by having AI gather and collate information about companies to help investors decide where to put their money.

The website claims Alphawatch can “answer any broad question on industry, narratives, stock prices and company trajectories instantly”.

Yes, it’s a tool primarily aimed at big financial institutions like hedge funds, but anyone can use it to gather and collate information on companies they are interested in, for whatever reason.

Sign-up is free, but because this is essentially a financial tool, expect to pay the big bucks for professional-level access to it.

But you can at least request a demo of its capabilities before committing.

Vizologi for business strategy
Vizologi offers to answer all of your questions about companies, markets and contextual business intelligence, putting a powerful tool into the hands of anyone interested in starting their own business, or refining existing strategies and plans.

It aims to give you the answers you need for all your burning business questions by answering your questions with the kind of data you’ll find very useful for building a proper business strategy that has a strong chance of succeeding, gathered by a smart AI system that supplies only the best data and answers.

With Vizologi, you can use its AI to brainstorm ideas, get business intelligence, generate a business plan, and ask business-related questions.

The only catch right now is that all three of Vizologi’s subscription tiers are sold out. You can either contact Vizologi directly to find out when they will become available again, or just keep an eye on the website.

The company offers lifetime access to the service, but this is probably an introductory offer, so don’t put off investigating it further if any of its services interest you. for managing work documents is a free Chrome extension you can use to organise all of your work documents. Powered by AI, it automatically collates the documents you’ve opened or worked on recently, combining the concept of bookmarks with your browsing history to arrange your work documents in one easily accessed place.

People seem to like it too, with testimonials gushing over how invaluable Eesel is in the workplace.

One user, a director of product management at a company called Podium, wrote: “Eesel has meant that I’m no longer worried about keeping dozens of browser tabs open. I know with a few keystrokes I can easily find anything I’ve worked on recently.”
Sounds good to us.

Fireflies for recording, transcribing, searching and analysing conversations
This one is invaluable for people who attend a lot of meetings, and who don’t have the time to transcribe them or who need to refer back to previous ones to find snippets of useful information.

Fireflies plugs into your Chrome-based browser and activates when you have meetings.

It’s excellent at recording and transcribing what was said, but most importantly, it uses AI to allow you to search for specific things after the fact, which cuts down on the time it takes to find the information you need.

The paid Fireflies tier starts at $10 (around N$200) per month per user, but there is a free tier that will let you try it out to see if it works for you.

It also supports many integrations and can potentially slot in wherever you need it inside your digital work environment. –

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