TKB Getting Better With Age

NEW SOUNDS … Sai and Bzo of TKB’s fifth album, ‘Vangandu’, is being released this month.

Like fine wine, Rundu-based Afro-pop group Tight Kasie Brothers (TKB) are getting better with age.

Despite practising their craft for 12 years, they show no signs of fatigue.

Made up of the duo of Kandere ‘Sai’ Joseph and Kavara ‘Bzo’ Abiouth, TKB cut their teeth in the music industry in 2012 with hit singles like ‘Kawe’, ‘My Tura Love’ and ‘Lovisa’.

They now have four albums under their belt.

They told The Weekender this week that they have been touring the country to spread their reach and
conjure meaningful partnerships to expand their fan base.

TKB said the tour aimed to promote singles from forthcoming projects, including ‘Champion’, ‘Kandime’, ‘Mpora’ and ‘Kaduna’.

Their whirlwind tour in Namibia has seen them perform at different events, including the #BeFree Youth Concert, ‘Never Walk Alone’, the SB09 Music Festival, and recently shutting down the ‘Yo Maps’ show.

The group will be releasing their fifth album this month.

“We are giving it all and also inviting fans to hear some real-life stories,” said Sai.

The upcoming album is titled ‘Vangandu’, which means crocodiles.

“The reason we named it this way is because crocodiles represent the river, and this is where we come from, so in actual fact, it represents the origin of where we hail from,” says Bzo.

The 18-track album features songs written by the duo.

“We are just appreciating beautiful African women who love and carry us through life,” said Sai.

A definite song to listen to is ‘Champion’, which celebrates Namibia’s unsung heroes, including Frankie Fredericks, Harry Simon, Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi.

There is also ‘Mpora’, which means ‘peace’.

All songs are released as singles and are available on YouTube, complemented by music videos shot by Basement Films, Black Cat Films, and Racio Media Group.


TKB started off as dancers at talent shows and back-up dancers for local artists, and later on they were recognised by Basement Records, signing their first record deal and being introduced to the music scene.

“TKB have been busy with a lot of projects over the past four years, where we have been ambassadors for Top Score and Julinho Sporting FC,” said Sai.

“The start was really tough for us since we started off with nothing in a region where people were just listening to music from outside the country or just some selected individual artists from the county,” said Sai.

“It was also hard being in the media such as radio, television and newspapers, because where we came from, we only had one radio station, and it’s a Kavango [language] radio station, which means the information just stayed home or reached people that could only understand the language,” Bzo said.

After climbing the ladder to success, the duo founded their own label, Chobe Entertainment, in 2016.

“Its management has young men and women from the family pushing the same cause. We also have some friends that run around helping us in everything, including our DJ, driver and production team,” said Sai.

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