‘TikTok’s tradwife trend ruined my life and my marriage’

TikTok trends come and go, but this one may be the straw that broke the camel’s back in this couple’s marriage.

And it’s all because of the “tradwife“ trend that’s gone viral on TikTok.

Confused? So were we. A quick Google search set it straight for us.

According to Wikipedia, a “tradwife” is exactly what it implies – women taking on traditional roles in a marriage, from cooking and cleaning to looking after her family’s needs.

Oh, and it also mentioned that tradwives choose to leave their careers in order to become full-time home-makers.

Judging by the views on TikTok, the tradwife hashtag has seen a considerable uptick, clocking up about 295 million views, the New York Post reported.

Well-known tradwife influencers like Jasmine Dinis just recently boasted that she’s amassed more than 400K followers on the app, and her numbers are still growing.

So you can imagine this wife’s disdain when she found out her husband of 12 years became virtually obsessed with the trend on TikTok.

Sharing her frustrations on Reddit, she said their marriage had been fine over the years. They both shared household chores, taking care of the children and worked full-time jobs.

The red flags started showing when he criticised the way she dressed and her cooking.

“He complained about me working long hours. I work the same hours as he does,” she wrote.

“Throughout our marriage, he never had any complaints about the food I cook. I dress up in a more comfortable attire when I am in my house. He never had a problem with that ever.”

And that’s when she learnt that her hubby had become obsessed with one “tradwife” in particular.

“I told him this was all an act that she puts up for the world to see. This is not reality,” she added.

She said things just went from bad to worse, including him showing no remorse for comparing her to other housewives and the fact that he had been chatting to another woman online.

It was then that she realised her marriage had to end.

Commenting on her Reddit post, many took pity on her.

“Good luck to him supporting his new unemployed girlfriend whilst he still pays for everything that you previously contributed towards,” advised a fellow Redditor.

Another said: “I was watching someone who was showing one of those farm life trad wife influencers only to show that the oven behind her was like 33K because she’s from inherited wealth.” -IOL

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