Three-month grace period after registration deadline, but SIM will be deactivated

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) says unregistered SIM cards will be deactivated as of Sunday, 31 March.This follows a three-month extension from the initial deadline on 31 December 2023.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has remained adamant that the 31 March deadline will not be extended.

MTC spokesperson John Ekongo recently told The Namibian that even after the introduction of the online SIM registration process, the number of people registering reduced after the 31 December extension.


Ekongo said after the deadline of 31 March, there will be a three-month grace period to register SIM cards.

However, unregistered SIM cards will be deactivated during this time and the number will eventually be lost if not registered during the grace period.

“The grace period will kick in from 31 March, and after that for three months. During the grace period, it means that the number is still available for utilisation, although it will not receive services. You can’t call or do anything,” he said.

Ekongo added that users who register their SIM cards during the grace period will have their numbers reactivated.

“But if you let the grace period elapse, then it means that you are likely to completely lose the number and any profiles or services associated with that number.”

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