The War Veterans Who Die Waiting for Project Money

I lost my mother, who was a war veteran, this year.

Her project was approved in 2014, but she never received that money.

She was always looking forward to receiving this money.

Year after year she was hopeful, and she always spoke about this money.

Unfortunately, it seems war veterans from the Zambezi region have been sidelined by Swapo, the very organisation they love so much.

The reason why the Zambezi region is still one of the top supporters of Swapo is because our parents, who were in exile, constantly advise us to vote for Swapo. But the same Swapo seems not to care about them.

My mother was a committed Swapo member and a true heroine of the liberation struggle, but died while still hopeful and frustrated.

There are hungry veterans out there waiting to get sonething, but they end up dying without ever receiving any of this money.

The least you can do, Swapo, is pay this money while people are still alive.

The most important reason I am writing this letter is to ask why this money is not given to those the veterans leave behind if the money has already been approved.

Remember, this is the legacy of that hero or heroine.

By giving that money to the remaining family members, you are still fulfilling that person’s wish.

We who have been left behind can still complete these projects.

Where does this money go?

Mr President, if you see this letter, please help us.

Concerned Citizen

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