The Vokalist: A budding soloist

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Fralina Ilonga, known as ‘The Vokalist’, shares with The Namibian the inspiration behind her name, music and what the future holds for her.

“I named myself ‘The Vokalist’ because I am vocally unstoppable. That’s why I changed my name to Vokalist with a K,” she says.

Although she started singing at the age of eight, The Vokalist says she decided to follow her dreams after completing Grade 12.

While she works with a variety of genres, her focus is on R&B, Afropop, and love songs.

“From the beginning of my career, I had no support until I cried out to my sister, Justin Ilonga, who helped me by funding my first song and shooting a music video titled ‘The Nation’ in 2019. That’s when I decided to leave my parents’ house and travel to Grootfontein, where I found what my heart desired, which was music,” says The Vokalist.

Although the young singer does not have an album out yet due to a lack of finances, most of her songs can be heard on different radio stations.

“Talking about the reactions from my fans, it has always been positive, and I am gladly delightful for that,” says The Vokalist.

Some of her trending songs include ‘Longa’, the first traditional song she did in Oshiwambo, and ‘Ladder’, which talks about the journey of life and its circumstances.

The Vokalist also has a song called ‘Dreams and Reality’, which she says is the most curious song in her upcoming album, as the entire message of the song came to her in a dream.

The album featured different artists, including My Nigga Get Rich on a song aimed at curbing gender-based violence titled ‘Stop Women Abuse’, Duppa Makabela on the song ‘Show me love’, Papa Grey on ‘Kupi Mwakere’ and Dally Joe on ‘Djamunange’.

The Vokalist says she is currently looking for sponsorships to complete her 12-track upcoming album.

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