The Ugly Truth

You went to school for 11 years just to be told you didn’t make it to advanced subsidiary level because your English result was poor.

Now society considers you useless.

Some take their own lives, some take drugs, and others turn to prostitution because they failed to obtain the so-called matric certificate.

Gaddafi once said an imposed education system is a form of dictatorship, and the colonisers killed him.

I will never celebrate matric. This doesn’t mean I didn’t pass.

I did, but it never changed me, since 12 years were wasted on theories and useless compulsary subjects.

When you thought you’ve had enough, you get to university for another four to five years of theories.

A Chinese person at the age of 15 can assemble a phone.

A Zimbabwean can make sales of N$10 000 per month.

An Indian knows how to run a shop.

The Namibian child?

And you who went to the University of Namibia – a civil engineering student can’t even construct a bridge.

When your phone’s charging point is not working, you can’t fix it because of a poor education system.

Does Namibia manufacture any phones?

Why are we chasing out foreigners? Is it because we are afraid that foreign education is powerful, because it prepares foreigners to survive without degrees?

When you walk around in Windhoek, most businesses are owned by foreigners.

They do not depend on a degree.

Give them a building and they will show you the power of the mind.

Our education system prepares us to be jobseekers.

The local university intake is limited, compared to matriculant output.

Every January we see many poor black children fighting for admission at universities.

Some are turned away because there is no space.

I hate this education system.

It makes us think we can’t make it without a degree.

The youth must rise.

Fritimberus Haman, The Delayed Millionaire

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