The struggle continues 34 years later – Venaani

“After 34 years of independence, Namibia still struggles with poverty, inequality, corruption, and government maladministration,” says Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani.

Venaani said this in a statement last week in light of Namibia’s 34th Independence Day celebrations.

“The fact that many Namibians continue to live in abject poverty while a select few enjoy undue privileges and enrichment is testament to the failure of successive ruling party governments to prioritise the needs of the people,” he said.

“As we reflect on our journey as a nation, it is imperative that we acknowledge shortcomings. The persistent lack of accountability, transparency, and effective governance has eroded public trust and undermined the aspirations of our people for a better future,” he said.

He said Namibians deserve committed leaders.

“Now, more than ever, Namibians deserve leadership that is committed to putting their interests at the forefront of decision-making,” Venaani said.

“We must look to the future and celebrate our current heroes – the average working-class Namibian that, despite the mirage of challenges they face, wakes up every day to positively contribute to society,” he said.

“These are the heroes who deserve leadership that works for them, not fails them. We need leaders who are willing to tackle poverty, corruption, and inequality head-on, and who are dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable society for all,” he said.

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