The Most Controversial President in US History

Donald Trump

WHILE THE UNITED States of America prides itself on being the bastion of democracy the world over, the same can also be said of its ability to produce the most corrupt and authoritarian president in the political history of America in the form of Donald Trump.

Trump nearly took his country to the bottom of the democracy index rating in just one term of his presidency.

He has proven himself as the epitomy of evil in corrupt, authoritarian, dictatorial and abusive governance.

All the American people heard and read about during his tenure was political absurdities only experienced in the darker corners of uncivilised Third-World countries.

Trump controversially ascended to power, surrounded by accusations of having been propelled to the highest office of America by Russia.
From his early ascendency to power Trump demanded personal loyalty from anyone around him in government.

He manipulated law enforcement for his political and personal interest.

He harassed his critics.

He later fired James Corney, who was leading an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidencial elections that saw Trump beating Hilary Clinton.

Many staff members lost their jobs if Trump felt they were not doing enough for him or contradicted him in public.

There were also resignations, firings, forced resignations and premature departures due to Trump’s interference.

Trump granted controversial pardons, especially in his final weeks in office, in the process ignoring to consult the justice department.

Ukraine was pressured to help the Trump election by implicating, framing and announcing baseless investigations into the Bidens by Trump, while he withheld US$400 million of much-needed military aid from Ukraine, even though the funds had been appropriated for bipartisan military support.

The president attacked opponents and praised bad actors like white nationalists and authoritarian leaders.

Trump fanned and flamed existing divisions.

He also played down the risks of Covid-19 and promoted unproven treatments.

Trump was accused of making efforts to undermine the 2020 election and overturn legitimate results, an action tantamount to a coup d’état.

He spread misinformation about the voting process.

After losing, Trump claimed false victory and pressured election officials in battleground states to fraudently throw out millions of votes for Joe Biden.

He also pressured Georgia’s secretary to find just enough votes to nullify Biden’s victory.

The controversial president coerced vice president Mike Pence to override the electoral college process and block Biden’s victory in congress.

Biden said his team was met with obstruction from Trump appointees, the Pentagon and the White House.

Trump incited his supporters in Washington to attack the United States Capitol, while electoral votes were being counted.
He urged his supporters to fight like hell.

The violence claimed five deaths, which led to Trump’s second impeachment.

I used to think American voters are smarter than to be used so pathetically by a gangster like Trump.

I am also surprised that even after all the evidence have been put out and everyone know Trump for who he is, they still exhibit blind allegiance.

– Tawanda Musanhi

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