The long-awaited5-door Jimny debuts

FOR many years, owners of the popular Suzuki Jimny 3-door 4×4 conquered less travelled roads in search of adventure and the discovery of hidden natural treasures, in the knowledge that their vehicles are capable of getting them home safely.

To add to the Jimny’s portfolio and increase their market share in the sector, the 5-door Jimny was the next option for the brand, and their designers started to put pen to paper to make the dream come true.

Wilhelm Rademeyer from Auas Motors, the agent for the Japanese brand, said it was a clarion call to bring the 5-door to life.

Top Revs had no choice but to take the vehicle into the field to see what all the hype is about.

“Having the opportunity to introduce the 5-door Jimny to the Namibian market is a huge privilege,” Rademeyer said while standing in the field with game surrounding the vehicle.

Those in the 4×4 world had questions, however, like is the vehicle capable taking off the tarred road and is the car fitted with high and low range since it is much smaller than conventional 4×4 vehicles?

The 5-door has the same engine as the 3-door, which is a 1,5 litre petrol naturally aspirated 4-cylinder machine.

Rademeyer described the engine as a “no-nonsense and hard to die”, as the motor is very basic, unlike some of the latest models loaded with electronics and management systems.

It is also available in a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed manual gearbox with the Suzuki “All-Grip” function, which just means it is a fully 4×4 vehicle, just like its much bigger relatives.

There is hardly any terrain that can stop the Jimny, since it is quite small in size, meaning the power to weight ratio makes it a very capable vehicle for the purpose for which it was designed and built.

This vehicle’s versatility is endless and it is an ideal vehicle for the city, while it is also filling larger shoes off-road.

Just like all other cars and as required by the manufacturers, the vehicle is fitted with two front airbags. It offers all the necessary information, like speed, fuel gauges and even a touchscreen that is capable of connecting to your phone.

Rademeyer said the vehicle has been extended by 36 centimetres to accommodate the rear doors.

Do not expect all the other functions and gadgets that come with bigger vehicles, however, the Jimny certainly does not have to stand back for anyone.

Top Revs previously had the exclusive opportunity to drive the 3-door in the dunes, and the vehicle did not shy away from taking on some of the highest dunes without much effort. This is where the power to weight ratio comes in very handy. The only drawback is space, but with good planning, your Jimny will be a good travelling partner.

Rademeyer said there are already aftermarket accessories available, such as a roof rack, ladder, front and rear bumper bracket for a spare wheel, snorkel, and many more. The rear bumper can house a tow bar and recovery shackles if needed, while the replacement rear and front bumpers give the vehicle more approach and departure angles to assist the owner with better off-road capabilities.

The “no-nonsense” engine has a proven track record, as many rental companies have added this car to their fleet, and Rademeyer said they have records of some cars already going for 190 000 kilometres.

And, when it comes to sales and service, Auas Motors, through their national network, stands solidly behind the brand.

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